I am receiving the message "Searching for Network" on Glooko Transmitter

The message "Searching for Network" typically means that the cellular signal strength in your current location is too low for the transmitter to connect to the cellular network.

If you receive this message, try the following (in this order):

Move the transmitter to another area in your clinic

The transmitter may not be close enough to a 3G cell tower to receive 3G signal (or may be blocked by walls, obstacles or other interference). If you are able to move it to another area in your clinic, this might increase the signal level. 

Here are some tips for moving the transmitter to another area:

  • Make sure the transmitter is placed as high as possible and as close to a window as possible.
  • Make sure the transmitter is not on the bottom floor of a concrete building, below the radiology department.
  • Make sure you are plugging only the transmitter's power cable into the transmitter at first (as plugging the USB Hub into the transmitter while it attempts to receive settings can interrupt the connectivity as well).

If you are not able to connect the transmitter from a different location, we would suggest connecting the transmitter via an Ethernet connection.

Connect the transmitter via Ethernet to your clinic's network

If moving the transmitter to a different location does not resolve the issue or is not an option, try connecting your transmitter via Ethernet to your clinic's network. In order to do so, you will first need to send the transmitter's required network settings to your IT department so they can complete the whitelisting that allows the transmitter to transfer data successfully over your network.

NOTE: When using an Ethernet connection, it is best that the following URLs and ports are allowed through any firewalls within the network:

  • https://*.glooko.com
  • us.upload.glooko.com - port 80 (US customers)
  • mk3u.diasend.com - TCP (proprietary) - port 55713
  • mk3r.diasend.com - TCP (https) - port 443
  • ipv4.connman.net - TCP (http) - port 80
  • [0-3].glooko.pool.ntp.org - UDP (NTP) - port 123

If you're still having trouble, please reach out to our Support Team.

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