How do I change the date and time on my Freestyle Meter?

Having the wrong time or date on your FreeStyle meter can cause issues when trying to sync with Glooko. By following a few easy steps, you can make sure your data is there when you expect it to be.

To change the date and time on your FreeStyle meter

  1. With the meter off, press and hold m for three seconds until SET appears.
  2. Press m to bypass setting the optional reminder alarms. You may choose to set these later.
  3. Set the time.
    • Set the hour: Press c to display correct hour, then press m to save.
    • Set the minutes: Press c to display correct minutes, then press to save.
    • Set time format: Press m to accept time format or press c to change, then press m to save.
  4. Set the date.
    Note: The date format can display either Year Month Day or Year Day Month.
    • Set month: Press c to display correct month, then press m to save.
    • Set day: Press c to display correct day, then press m to save.
    • Set date format: Press m to accept date format or press c to change, then press m to save.
    • Set year: Press m to accept year or press c to change, then press m to save.
  5. Press and hold m for three seconds until meter turns off. Meter setup is now complete.

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