Older Mac and Omnipod: El Capitan and Sierra Software Updates

Take note!

El Capitan and macOS Sierra upgrades on older iMac and MacBook devices may result in an Omnipod PDM error that resets your PDM's settings.

On September 30, Apple released a new operating system for Mac computers called El Capitan (OS X v10.11). This new operating system affects how the USB ports on older Mac computers built prior to mid-2012 interact with the OmniPod PDM. Consequently, macOS Sierra causes the same issue.

This issue is not related to the Glooko software. But, we care about you, your PDM, and your POD...

If you have an older Mac (prior to Mid 2012) and have downloaded Apple's El Capitan or Sierra Software update, take caution before connecting your OmniPod to your computer's USB port. Specifically, when you connect your OmniPod to the USB ports of these Mac computers, it can result in a PDM error which may reset your settings as well as result in a POD error.

To check out your iMac or MacBook's details...things like build date, operating system, and serial number...from your Mac machine, click the Apple icon at the top left-hand corner of your screen. Then select About This Mac. You will see a window such as the one below describing the details of your device.

Again, this error seems to only affect 2012 and prior Mac devices.  To download data from your OmniPod® PDM to Mac computers manufactured before mid-2012 utilizing Apple’s OS X El Capitan or Sierra software, it is recommended to use a USB Hub. 

You can also use another PC or Mac device to download your OmniPod. 

If you have any questions or additional information about this issue, please contact us at support@glooko.com.

CS0093 Rev A

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