How do I sync my glucose, insulin and nutrition data with Apple Health?

You can now connect your Apple Health account to your Glooko account to sync blood glucose (BG) and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) readings, insulin data and nutrition information automatically.

Before connecting your Apple Health account, the Apple Health app must be installed on your mobile device. You will be required to make updates within the Apple Health app to allow Glooko to access your data.

NOTE: While data from Apple Health can be synced to Glooko, data from Glooko can only be synced back to Apple Health for select devices at this time. To learn which devices, click here.

To connect your Apple Health account

  1. From the Glooko mobile app, tap More at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Profile.
  3. On the Devices tab, tap Apple Health Settings.
  4. Tap the Open Apple Health button.
  5. When the Apple Health app opens:
    • Tap Turn All Categories On or tap to toggle on syncing for only Blood Glucose, Carbohydrates, Dietary Energy, Insulin Delivery, Protein or Total Fat.

      NOTE: Toggling on Blood Glucose enables sharing of BG and CGM data.
    • Tap Allow at the top-right of the screen to allow Glooko to access your data.
  6. You will be routed back to the Apple Health Settings screen. In the Shared Data Types section, the data types (Carbs, Calories, Fat, Protein, Insulin and Blood Glucose) will display a status of Enabled or Disabled based on your selections in the Apple Health app.

NOTE: It may take 10-30 minutes before your data initially appears in your account, then your data will begin syncing automatically.

To learn how to sync your exercise data from Apple Health, click here.

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