How do I connect Apple Health exercise data to Glooko®?

Your daily activity data from Apple Health can now be shared with Glooko automatically. 

In order to connect your Apple Health account to the Glooko app, you will need:

  • Glooko mobile app
  • Apple Health account

To connect via the Glooko mobile app

  1. Tap Sync at the top-right of your screen.
  2. Tap New Device.
  3. Tap to place a checkmark beside Fitness and Health Devices, then tap Continue.
  4. Tap to place a checkmark beside Apple Health, then tap Continue.
  5. Tap Connect.
  6. Toggle ON the ability for Glooko to read data from Apple Health, then tap Allow.
  7. A confirmation screen will display indicating your account has been successfully connected. Tap Done to exit the setup screen.

NOTE: You may have to wait 10-30 minutes before your data initially appears in your account, then your data will begin syncing automatically.

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