How do I sync my Animas meter or pump with Glooko®?

You can easily sync your Animas blood glucose (BG) meter or insulin pump with the Glooko web app on your computer - using the Glooko Uploader!

The following Animas devices are compatible with the Glooko Uploader:

  • Animas Vibe
  • Animas OneTouch Ping (meter)
  • Animas OneTouch Ping (pump)
  • Animas OneTouch Vibe Plus

(Don't see your device listed here? Check the Glooko Compatibility page to confirm that it's compatible!)

To learn how to sync your device with Glooko, see How do I upload diabetes data on the web using the Glooko® Uploader?

If you have any trouble syncing your device, please contact our Support Team.

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