Can Glooko® send glucose and insulin data back to Apple Health?

Glooko can send blood glucose (BG), continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and manually entered insulin data back to Apple Health for the following devices at this time:

  • Glucocard 01
  • Glucocard Vital
  • Trividia TRUE Metrix AIR
  • Trividia TRUEBalance
  • Trividia TRUEread
  • Trividia TRUEresult
  • Trividia TRUEtrack
  • ReliOn Confirm
  • ReliOn Prime
  • Smart Meter iGlucose
  • Senseonics Eversense

For all other compatible iOS devices, Apple Health data can be synced to Glooko, but data is not synced from Glooko to Apple Health.

To learn how to sync your Apple Health data with Glooko, click here.

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