New Population Tracker: Invite patients to join Glooko® from the Patient List

With the New Population Tracker activated, you have the ability to invite patients to create a personal Glooko account right from the Patient List.

To invite patients from the Patient List

  1. From the View Patients tab of your Population Tracker, click Invite or Resend Invite below the patient's name.


    NOTE: These options will only be available if the patient has not already activated his or her account. If the account has already been activated, the account status will display as Activated.
  2. Enter or confirm the patient's email address, then click Invite. This will trigger an activation request to the patient via email to set up a personal Glooko account.
    • The patient's account activation status will change to Resend Invite on the Patient List.

TIP: You also have the option to view account statuses and invite patients to activate their Glooko accounts from the Patient Profile. To learn more, see How do I view a patient's account status or send an activation request to a patient?

For additional information about the New Population Tracker or to have this activated for your clinic, contact your Glooko account representative directly or email

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