I'm having trouble uploading my Omnipod DASH™ via Glooko® Uploader

For instructions on uploading your Omnipod DASH™ using your computer via the Glooko Uploader, see How do I upload an Omnipod DASH™ using my computer?

If you're having trouble uploading your Omnipod DASH, try the following:

  • Turn the DASH PDM off and back on.
  • Restart your computer while the DASH PDM is plugged into it.
  • Restart your computer while the DASH PDM is NOT plugged into it.
  • Try a different USB-A to Micro cable.
    • NOTE: This is the cable that came with your Starter Kit and is used to charge the DASH PDM. If you need to order a new USB-A to Micro cable, you can do so via the mobile app or Glooko webstore.

Still having trouble? Reach out to our Support Team for assistance!

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