If there are duplicate patient accounts, how do I know which account to assign a device to?

When assigning a device on the Assign Devices tab in Population Tracker, after performing a search, you may find that there are duplicate patient accounts. This is typically due to the fact that the uploaded device's serial number is associated with multiple accounts. 

If this occurs, the following fields can help you determine which account to choose:

  • Account Status: Ensure you are assigning the device to an Active account. The uploaded device may have been associated with an older, inactive account for the same patient.
  • Last Sync Date: If the patient is regularly syncing, you may want to select the account with the most recent Last Sync date.
  • Medical Record Number (MRN): This can help to identify a patient account, as the MRN is always a unique identifier (this is only applicable if your clinic enters these for each patient).

NOTE: The account with the most recent Last Sync timestamp will be displayed as the suggested match for the uploaded device.

To learn more about assigning devices, see Assigning and unassigning devices in Glooko® Population Tracker.

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