How do I complete a Glooko® MIDS dose adjustment check?

Once you have started the Glooko® MIDS (Mobile Insulin Dosing System) program, you will be prompted to complete a dose adjustment check every 1 to 7 days (the number of days between dose adjustment checks will be determined by your doctor). The dose adjustment check will help you to find your optimum dose of long-acting insulin. MIDS will recommend an insulin dose based on your fasting blood glucose (FBG) readings and the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor.

To complete a dose adjustment check

NOTE: When it is time to complete a dose adjustment check, you will see a push notification from the Glooko app on your mobile device.

  1. Log into to your Glooko account.
  2. You will receive an in-app dose adjustment check notification. Review the information on the screen and tap Continue.
    • NOTE: If you have not yet synced your blood glucose meter to the Glooko app, you will be prompted to sync your device.
  3. Select the FBG reading for each day. If you don't have an FBG reading, select I don't have a fasting blood glucose reading.
    • NOTE: You will not be able to move to the next screen until FBG readings have been selected for each day.
  4. After selecting your FBG readings, tap Continue.
  5. A list of insulin doses for each day of your titration period will be displayed. Confirm the insulin doses that you took each day. If you took a dose that is different from the amount that is pre-populated, click into the box and increase or decrease the dose as needed. 
  6. MIDS will recommend a dose of insulin based on your previous dose of insulin, your FBG readings, any low blood glucose (BG) readings and your healthcare provider's treatment plan. 
  7. Select the insulin dose that you plan to use, then tap Continue
  8. Review the Your Routine screen, then tap Done
  9. Continue to check your FBG each morning and take your prescribed dose of long-acting insulin each night.

To access a step-by-step interactive tutorial detailing a Glooko® MIDS dose adjustment check, see Tutorial: Glooko® MIDS Dose Adjustment.

*Please note: MIDS is currently only available in the U.S.  

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