How do I edit or change a patient's Glooko® MIDS treatment plan?

Making changes to an existing Mobile Insulin Dosing System (MIDS) treatment plan is easy - just follow the instructions below. 

Edit or change a MIDS treatment plan 

  1. Navigate to and log into your Population Tracker.
  2. From your Patient List, locate and click on the name of the patient whose treatment plan you would like to edit or change.


  3. Click on the MIDS tab.


  4. Just above the treatment plan, click Change Patient Therapy.


  5. Here, you can click Choose a different treatment plan or make changes to the existing plan.


  6. Review and change (if needed):
    • Insulin Type and Strength
    • Titration Period
    • End Date
    • Minimum Required Readings
    • Fasting Target Range for blood glucose
    • Adjustments for blood glucose readings below and above specified fasting blood glucose limits
      • Click Add New Row to add an additional dose adjustment rule.
    • Patient Safety Notifications

      NOTE: For this tutorial, we have made changes to the Maximum Dose for this patient.
    • Patient Reminders
    • Contact Information


  7. Once the necessary changes have been made, click Save.
  8. Next, a summary of the updated treatment plan will display. Click Go Back to return to the Edit Treatment Plan screen or Update Treatment Plan to initialize the plan.
  9. The patient will receive an in-app notification indicating that you have made a change to his or her treatment plan. Once the treatment plan changes have been accepted, the MIDS Status will change from Inactive: Pending to Active: In Progress.
  10. In the Patient Adjustments section, you will see the date that the MIDS treatment plan was revised and the date the revision was accepted by the patient.



*Please note: MIDS is currently only available in the U.S.

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