What are the different types of reports I can print from Glooko®?

Charts, and Graphs, and Logbooks, oh my!

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more! That's why we give you plenty of options when you're printing a report. Whether you need a quick overview or an in-depth daily summary, we've got you covered.

Let's look into:



Statistics and Graphs

Approximately 2 pages

The Statistics and Graphs report is a quick way to view how often your meter BG readings fall above, below, or within targeted BG ranges. Some features of this report include:

  • See the percentage that your BG meter readings fall within your targeted range based on a specified time frame.
  • See how your percentage of in-range BG meter readings differ by time of day or day of week to help you identify patterns.
NOTE: If you are using a CGM, your CGM readings will not appear in your Statistics and Graphs report – only BG meter reading statistics will appear. To see CGM data, go to the Pump & CGM Graphs or Pump Insights.






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Approximately 4-25 pages depending on date range selected

The Logbook report gives you a more detailed daily view over a specified date range, providing insights into your glucose, carbs, and insulin data. This report will not only give you in-depth information about each day, but also give you insight into your statistics based on period of the day.

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CGM Trends

Approximately 1 page

The CGM Trends report defaults to showing you the aggregate median glucose values, and the 10-90th, 25-75th percentile for all days of the week overlaid on top of each other for the specific time interval selected. This allows you to see variability in your glucose data and identify days of the week and time intervals when you're more or less in control.





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CGM Daily Overlay

Approximately 1 page

The CGM Daily Overlay report overlaps blood glucose data so you and your healthcare provider can review your patterns by day of the week, and from week-to-week. The BG data that is populated in the CGM Daily Overlay report comes directly from your CGM or glucose meter, making it quick and easy to review your data in a printed report or online.





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Daily Summary

Approximately 1 to 30 pages depending on time frame selected

With the Daily Summary report, you can see your glucose data consolidated with your bolus, basal, and carb data to gain a better picture of how these events have an effect on your glucose data.



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Approximately 2-4 pages

The Insights report allows you to see the effect of set/site changes and temporary basal activities on your glucose data so you can better optimize your insulin management.

Some features of the Insights report include:

  • See the effect that changing your set/site has on your BG readings to better optimize the frequency and time for when you should change their set/site.
  • See a log of your temp basal rate adjustments to see the effect that increasing or decreasing your temp basal rate has on your BG readings so you can better optimize your temp basal rates.

There are three types of graphs and statistics in the Insights report:

  • Set/Site Change
  • Temp Basal Decrease/Suspend
  • Temp Basal Increase





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Device Settings

Approximately 1 page

The Device Settings report allow you to see your insulin pump device settings.



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