How do I sync my diabetes data with Glooko®?

There are several ways to sync your diabetes data with Glooko! Depending on your device, you may be able to sync your device directly with the Glooko mobile app, upload your data from your computer using the Glooko web app or connect a cloud account or device.

To determine if and how your device can sync with Glooko, reference the Glooko Compatibility page.

Let's explore the ways you can sync your data:

Sync with the Glooko mobile app

If your diabetes device is compatible with the Glooko mobile app, there are two primary options for  syncing your data:

Upload your data using the Glooko web app

If your diabetes device is compatible with the Glooko web app, you can install and use the Glooko Uploader on your PC or Mac computer to sync your data with your Glooko account. To learn how, see How do I upload diabetes data on the web using the Glooko® Uploader?

NOTE: To use the Glooko Uploader, you will also need the syncing or device download cable that came with your diabetes device (learn how to obtain one here).

Connect a cloud account or device

Glooko integrates with many popular cloud-connected apps and devices. You can easily connect your cloud accounts to Glooko, allowing Glooko to automatically access that data.

Use the links below to learn how to connect your cloud accounts:

Having trouble syncing your data? Reach out to our Support Team!

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