I would like to use Glooko® for multiple family members with separate devices using a single email. How do I do this?

No problem!

This is possible, but only for people who use Gmail! If you use another email application, today, you will need to have unique email addresses for each of your family members' accounts.

If you use Gmail, here's how to have multiple Glooko accounts feed the same Gmail email address:

Let's say you want all Glooko email communication for your family to be sent to your Gmail account: myfamily@gmail.com. You have three separate family members with an array of personal diabetes devices to sync with Glooko.

    • Create Family Member 1's Glooko account with username myfamily+member1@gmail.com with a unique password,
    • Create Family Member 2's Glooko account with username myfamily+member2@gmail.com with a unique password, and
    • so on...

Each family member will have their own unique Glooko account and login, but all Glooko email communication will be routed to the main Gmail address. Gmail is designed to ignore any characters from the plus sign(+) to the at (@) symbol.

For everyone else not using Gmail, our Product Management Team is working to support multiple user access to a Glooko account. We hope to address access for parents, guardians, school nurses, etc. with this feature.

If you have ideas and/or feedback, please reach out to feedback@glooko.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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