How do I unpair the Glooko® MeterSync™ Blue from my mobile device?

Before pairing the MeterSync™ Blue with a new mobile device, it's important that it first be unpaired from any previous connections. Unpairing is simple - just follow the steps below.

To unpair the MeterSync Blue

  1. Tap the side navigation bar (triple_line_-_android_side_nav.png) on Android devices or the More menu on iOS devices.
  2. Tap Profile.
  3. On the Devices menu, tap MeterSync Blue.
  4. If the MeterSync Blue is paired, the Status will display as Connected.
  5. Tap Unpair at the bottom of the screen to unpair the MeterSync Blue from your mobile device.
    • When asked to confirm that you want to unpair, tap Yes.

NOTE: You can unpair the MeterSync Blue from your mobile device without having the MeterSync Blue present.

To learn how to pair the MeterSync Blue, see Pairing and syncing diabetes devices with the Glooko® MeterSync™ Blue.

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