My healthcare provider told me about Glooko®. How do I get started with Glooko® at home?

Welcome to the Glooko family!

These instructions will walk you through setting up the Glooko app and connecting your Glooko account to your healthcare provider.

Don't have the Glooko app on your mobile device? See How do I download the Glooko mobile app?

Let's learn how to:

Create a Glooko account

You will need to create a Glooko account in order to sign in and access all Glooko features. Use the following links to access instructions for creating your account:

Edit your Glooko profile

Once you create your account and log into the Glooko app, you will need to customize your Glooko profile. This information may be used to connect your Glooko profile to your electronic health record.

NOTE: If your healthcare provider's EHR is integrated with Glooko, this information may be required.

ProConnect with your provider

Lastly, the Glooko ProConnect feature allow you to share your diabetes data automatically with your healthcare provider. To set this up, enter your provider’s unique ProConnect code in your Glooko app:

NOTE: If you don’t know your healthcare provider's ProConnect code, please ask during your next visit.

Now you're ready to start using Glooko!

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