How do I get and use a ProConnect code?

Is there a way to avoid printing long reports for my clinician?

We're glad you asked, and yes there is!

The ProConnect feature was designed so that users would be able to seamlessly share their blood glucose data with their healthcare providers. It is used to connect your Glooko account to your healthcare provider's Glooko dashboard.

If you would like to share your account with your provider using the ProConnect feature, ask your healthcare provider if he or she has the Glooko system and can provide you with his or her personal ProConnect code.

If your healthcare provider does not have the Glooko system, urge him or her to contact us! We would be more than happy to discuss the advantages of using the Glooko system in his or her office. Your provider can email us at anytime.

If your healthcare provider has already given you a ProConnect code, then follow the steps in the guides linked below to ProConnect your Glooko account:

How do I ProConnect with my provider? (iOS/Apple)

How do I ProConnect with my provider? (Android)


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