How do I obtain a ProConnect Code for my clinic?

Is there a way to remotely monitor my patients with diabetes via their at-home syncs?

We're glad you asked, and yes there is!

Glooko's ProConnect feature allows people with diabetes to connect remotely with their clinician via Glooko's mobile app and Population Tracker.

If a clinician downloads a patient's data using the Glooko Kiosk app or if a patient uses Glooko on their own smart device and enters the clinician's ProConnect code, the patient's blood glucose and insulin data, along with any lifestyle data entered by the patient, is automatically visible on the clinician's Population Tracker!

If you are a clinician/care team that would like to be assigned a ProConnect code, you must have access to Glooko's professional diabetes management tools. To learn more, contact

CS0054 Rev A


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