What do the buttons on the Glooko® Kiosk mean?

We strive to ensure your Glooko Kiosk is ready to go right out of the box! 

At the bottom of your device, you will see three buttons, which control different functions:

  • Triangle: This button is your 'back' button. It allows you to return to the previous screen without having to reopen the app and start again.
  • Circle: This button allows you to return to the Home screen.
  • Square: This button allows you to view which apps have been recently visited. Your Glooko Kiosk will work best when not competing for resources with additional apps. To close other apps, simply tap on this button, then tap Clear All.


To learn more about the Glooko Kiosk, reference the Glooko® Kiosk for Android - User Guide.

*Please note: Glooko Kiosk is currently only available in the U.S.

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