How do I pair my Nipro TRUE METRIX™ AIR meter with Glooko®?

First things first, navigate to the Sync Menu in one of two ways:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Sync in the top-right corner to access your Sync Menu.

  2. From the Primary Navigation Bar at the bottom of any screen, tap Profile > Devices > My Devices.

Now, let's upload your True Metrix Air device!

From the Sync Menu:

  • Navigate to the Sync Menu by tapping on the Home screen or going to Profile > Devices > My Devices.

  • If your Nipro True Metrix Air meter is listed, tap on the Nipro True Metrix Air. If it is not, tap Add Device. On the next screen, tap Meters, select your meter from the list, then tap Done.

  • Your device will now be listed on the Sync Menu. Tap on the Nipro True Metrix Air.

  • If this is the first time you have uploaded data from the Bluetooth meter, tapping on the device will take you to an on-screen pairing tutorial. Select the Nipro TRUE METRIX™ AIR to open its Pairing Tutorial. Tap Next.

  • First, make sure the meter is near your mobile device and then click Next. The app will prompt you to turn on the meter by pressing down on the circular button located on top of the meter. When the meter is on, you’ll notice the Bluetooth symbol on the left side of the display, which means that the meter’s Bluetooth is on. Tap next.

  • To pair, you’ll need to know the meter’s 6-digit serial number, which you can find on the back of the meter. Tap Next.

  • At this point, the Glooko app will search for your meter. Once Glooko finds it, the app will ask you to enter the meter’s serial number into Glooko. This is the last 6 digits of the serial number from the back of your meter. Tap OK after entering the number. Glooko is now paired with your TRUE METRIX™ AIR meter. Tap Next.

  • Now that the meter is paired, you can click on the Sync Device button to download your current glucose data. From now on, after checking your blood glucose, turn the TRUE METRIX™ AIR off and back on to wirelessly send your updated readings.

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