What is the Glooko® Sponsored version of Population Tracker?

Improve Office Workflow and Access Remote Data in PDF Reports

Using a portable Android tablet and the Glooko Kiosk app, Glooko makes it easy to download data from 40+ popular glucose meters, insulin pumps and CGMs. When your patients sync data remotely, you can view it on-demand as a PDF report.

The Glooko Sponsored Kiosk is typically provided free of charge to the healthcare team by a device or pharmaceutical partner. As a Glooko Sponsored Kiosk account, you will have access to:

  • The Glooko Kiosk app to sync diabetes data from a subset of Glooko's full list of supported devices.
  • The Glooko Population Tracker to view your entire diabetes patient population and their diabetes trends.

Use the Sponsored Kiosk Population Tracker to: 

  • Identify when patients sync their data remotely.
  • Discover what type of diabetes devices are being synced remotely or in-clinic.
  • View remotely synced patient data as PDF reports.
  • View patient data synced in your clinic as PDF reports or interactive reports.
  • Share data synced in-clinic with patients through the MyGlooko web app.

If you are a Glooko Sponsored Kiosk account, you can contract directly with Glooko to transition from a Glooko Sponsored Kiosk to Glooko Enterprise with Remote Monitoring. Features of Glooko Enterprise include:

  • Sync data from a broader set of diabetes devices (e.g. Medtronic, others).
  • View at-risk flags to stratify patients.
  • Access remote data on-demand as interactive reports.
  • Access Premium Glooko Modules.

Upgrading is simple! To learn more about Glooko Enterprise, email us at bizdev@glooko.com

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