What third-party fitness and health data can I sync with my Glooko® account?

Glooko offers the ability to sync fitness and health data from third-party apps and devices so that you can truly see all of your data in one place.

To learn how to connect compatible fitness and health apps, see How do I sync third-party fitness and health apps and devices to Glooko®?

You can connect the following third-party fitness and health apps to your Glooko account:

  • Apple Health - exercise routine data, blood glucose (BG) data, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data, insulin data, nutrition data
  • Fitbit - exercise routine data 
  • iHealth - exercise routine data
  • Withings - exercise routine data
  • RunKeeper - exercise routine data
  • Strava - exercise routine data

Each of the apps listed above collects different types of data. Glooko only supports syncing exercise routine data (i.e. total steps per day) from most of these devices at this time, with the exception of Apple Health.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

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