How do I upload data from my Omnipod System on the Glooko® app for Android?


This is a step-by-step guide to uploading your Omnipod System using the Glooko mobile app for Android. Looking for instructions on uploading your Omnipod System using a Mac or PC computer? Click here.

What do you need?

  • Glooko mobile app for Android
  • Your Omnipod System
  • A Micro-to-Mini USB OTG cable
    • We recommend you obtain the cable from Glooko directly at to ensure that it will upload successfully.

Let's get started. First, navigate to the Sync Menu in one of two ways:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Sync in the top-right corner to access your Sync Menu.

  2. From the Primary Navigation Bar at the bottom of any screen, tap Profile Devices My Devices.

Now, let's upload your device data:

From the Sync Menu:

  • If your Insulet Omnipod System is listed, tap on Insulet Omnipod System. If it is not, tap Add Device. On the next screen, tap Pumps, select Insulet Omnipod System from the list, then tap Done.
  • Your device will now be listed on the Sync Menu. Tap on Insulet Omnipod System.
  • You now have the option to view a tutorial. This will demonstrate how to connect the Insulet Omnipod System to your Android device using the Micro-to-Mini USB OTG Cable.
    • You can disable the on-screen instructions by checking the box next to Don’t show me this again.
    • Tap Continue to proceed.
  • Once you have connected your Insulet Omnipod System and the Omnipod display says USB Device Ready, tap Sync.
  • If prompted to Allow the app Glooko to access the USB Device?, tap OK.
    • Check the box next to Use by default for this USB device? to prevent having to give permission in the future.

      NOTE: Your Android device may detect your device as a "USB Mass Storage Device" once connected. This may prompt your Android device to automatically "open" your device to view the files stored in it. If this happens, simply navigate back to the Glooko app to proceed.
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