Why can't I find Glooko® on the App Store?

There are two reasons why you may not find Glooko's app on the App store:

  1. You're using an iPad. If you are using an iPad, make sure you're searching through both iPad and iPhone apps when searching the App Store for Glooko. To do so, find the search option in the top left of the App Store and change your view from iPad-only apps to iPhone & iPad apps.
  2. You're using iOS 9.3 or below. Glooko does not support iOS 9.3 or below. If you are using an old version of iOS, you will not be able to find Glooko on the App Store. Depending on your iOS/Apple device, you may be able to upgrade your iOS version to 10.0 or higher. This will allow you to find Glooko.
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