My patient doesn't have an email address. Can he/she still use Glooko® Kiosk?

No worries!

If your patient does not have an email address, he or she can still use Glooko!

In order to bypass the email requirement using Glooko Kiosk, you will first need to set your email settings to Optional. Learn all about those settings here!

Once this step is completed, you can simply select Continue when Glooko Kiosk prompts you for a patient's email address. 

Glooko will ask for the email twice during this process; simply select Continue on both screens to move forward. 

NOTE: Though it is possible to use Glooko's Kiosk mode without an email address, we strongly advise each patient to register with an email address. By doing so, the patient can access his or her Glooko account via mobile or web and monitor glucose data remotely. 

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