How do I upload data using Glooko® Kiosk for a patient without an email address?

If your patient does not have an email address, you can still upload his or her data using Glooko Kiosk.

NOTE: Although it is possible to use Glooko's Kiosk without an email address, we strongly advise each patient be registered with an email address. By doing so, the patient has the option to access his or her Glooko account via mobile or web and monitor glucose data remotely. 


To bypass the email requirement

  1. First, set your Glooko Kiosk's email settings to Optional (learn how here).

  2. Next, simply select Continue when Glooko Kiosk prompts you for a patient's email address during the upload process.

  3. Glooko will prompt you for the email address again; select Continue again to proceed.

  4. A confirmation screen will display once the data has been successfully uploaded.

*Please note: Glooko Kiosk is currently only available in the U.S.

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