How do I upload the OneTouch Verio and Verio Flex meter on the Glooko® Kiosk?

The OneTouch Verio and Verio Flex meters can now be uploaded to Glooko for Android and our Glooko Kiosk app. To upload one of these meters, follow the steps below.

From the Home screen:

  1. Tap Start Here.
  2. Scroll to the OneTouch list of devices and tap the Verio or Verio Flex.
  3. Tap Begin Tutorial.
  4. Plug the Micro-to-Micro USB cable into the Kiosk and the meter.
  5. Wait for meter to display PC Connected.
  6. Tap Sync.

*Please note: Glooko Kiosk is currently only available in the U.S.

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