How do I print reports from Glooko® Kiosk?

Printing made easy!

With Glooko Kiosk, you can print reports directly after a successful upload! This means more office efficiency and increased time with your patients. Have a look around at the great features available!


Print Options - Explained

  • 1 week, 2 week and 30 day print options.
    • With Glooko Kiosk, you can create a report for 1 week, 2 weeks or 30 days depending on your patient. 
  • A short description of each report (click on the i icon!).
    • By clicking on the information icon next to each report, you can get a quick summary of what the report will include.
  • Smart printing options! 
    • Glooko Kiosk will now remember your last print options for a more efficient workflow!
  • Report length
    • See how many pages your report will be depending on the time frame selected.
    • Know how many total pages you can expect to be printed.


How to Print

In order to print directly from the Glooko Kiosk app, your tablet will need to be connected to the same network that the printer is broadcasting to. 

After you're connected, you can follow the steps below!

From the Print/Finished screen after a successful sync:

  • Select Print.
  • Select the reports you wish to include.
  • Select the blue Print button.
  • In the top left-hand of the screen, you should see text that reads 'Save as PDF'. If you tap there you will find the available wireless printer options.
  • Select the desired printer.
  • Press the green print icon.
  • Follow any prompts to download any required drivers (this will be a one-time process. Once the drivers are installed, you won't see prompts).
  • Voila!
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