How do I print a patient report from Glooko® Kiosk?

With Glooko Kiosk, you can print reports immediately after a successful upload! This means increased office efficiency and time with your patients.

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Glooko Kiosk Print Options

  • Report type: You can select the type of report you would like to print. Click the (i) icon beside each report to review a quick summary of what each report includes.
  • Report range: You can create a 1-week, 2-week or 30-day report

NOTE: Once you've selected your preferences, you can see how many pages your report will be based on the timeframe selected. Glooko will remember these preferences the next time you print a report. 


How to Print from Glooko Kiosk

Reports can be printed directly from the Glooko Kiosk if you are connected to a wireless printer. After you're connected, follow the steps below.

From the Print screen (after a successful upload):

  1. Tap Print.
  2. Select the reports you wish to include.
  3. Tap the blue Print button.
  4. At the top-left of the screen, select the Save as PDF option to view the available wireless printer options.
  5. Select the desired printer.
  6. Tap the green Print button.
    • If prompted, download any required drivers (this is part of a one-time process).

TIP: You can also print patient reports from your Population Tracker. To learn more, see How do I print a patient report from Population Tracker?

*Please note: Glooko Kiosk is currently only available in the U.S.

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