How do I add Foods, Medications, Exercise and Comments using the Glooko® mobile app?

You can easily create events to track your food intake, medications, exercise, and custom text comments. Your food items, medications, exercise, and custom text notes are viewable in your History View, ordered by time and alongside your glucose and other lifestyle data. This helps you see how your food, medications, exercise and other lifestyle data impact your blood glucose levels. 


First, navigate to the Quick Add Menu:

From any screen on the Glooko app:

  • Click the + symbol at the bottom middle of the screen.

Second, adjust the date and time of the event if needed:

  • The timestamp of the note is shown at the top. Click on the timestamp to change it to the desired date/time (the current date/time will be selected by default). 

Next, add the event information:

Lastly, you can edit or delete an existing event.


 Add a Food Event

  • One option is to enter the number of carbs quickly. This does not include any text labels associated with the food item and will show up as only the number of carbs on your reports. To do this, type the number of carbs. 
  • Most users opt to enter foods that have the food item listed as well. To do this, click on the fork and knife symbol. This takes you to the extensive Glooko food database with nearly two hundred and twenty thousand foods, including restaurants nationwide. 
  • Click on the "search" bar to search the food database. Type in the food you are looking for and select from the list of items returned below.
  • You can easily adjust the quantity eaten by tapping servings. You are also able to see detailed information about the food item by clicking "Show Detailed Stats" here. 
  • Do you have any routine foods that you regularly eat? We make it easy by allowing you to favorite food items by clicking the Star (an orange star indicates that the item is a Favorite). This will now show up on the food screen as a favorite food item for quick access. 
  • Once the food has been added, you will return to the Add Food screen.
  • You can click "Done" to add this food or you can click "Add another food" to add your entire meal in one food entry.
  • Now the food name, number of carbs and other nutritional information includes all food items in this meal. Click "Done" and the food entry has been added. 


Add a Medication Event

  • If you want to enter units of regular insulin, you can click on the gray "unit" on the right side and type the number of units in, then click log.
  • If you want to enter a different medication, click the syringe symbol on the left. Medications in the database are categorized by type, including Insulin, Oral Medications, and Injectable Medications. Recent medications are placed at the top of the list, including custom medications. This makes it easy to quickly log your medications.  You can also create custom medications by clicking on the symbol in the top right corner.
  • Scroll through the list and click on your medication.
  • Now, add the number of units as well as adjust the date and time you took the medication if needed.
  • Click "Done" to add the Medication Event.


Add an Exercise Event

  • You can add an Exercise Event by entering exercise duration in the "time" field next to Exercise. You can also click on the exercise symbol to create a custom Exercise Event
  • Select the exercise activity from the options listed or click to add a custom exercise event.
    Adjust the Exercise Event information (Date/Time, Exercise Type, Intensity, Duration, Calories Burned) by clicking on these items. 
  • Click "Done" to add the Exercise Event.


Add a Custom Event (Comment)

  • To add a Custom Event (Comment) from our list of standard comments, click on "Comments." Select your desired comment(s), and click "Quick Add" at the top left-hand corner of the screen to be brought back to the Quick Add screen.

    NOTE: You can select multiple comments on this list. You will see the comments you've chosen listed at the bottom, above the Notes section.          
  • Once you’ve entered all of the necessary comments, click Log at the top right of the screen to log the notes and return to the History List screen. 
  • Your comments are now viewable in your History and Day View, ordered by time and alongside your food and lifestyle data.


Edit or Delete an Existing Event

  1. From the History List View, tap the event you wish to edit or delete. ​
  2. The Edit Event* screen will appear, giving you the option to edit any details by clicking on that section.
  3. If you want to delete the entire event, click "Delete (Food)"
NOTE: Depending on what type of event is chosen, a specific Edit screen will appear.
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