How to use Glooko® Kiosk with Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

We understand that Wi-Fi isn't always reliable. That's why you have the option to use a direct Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi when using Glooko Kiosk on an LG tablet.

Before getting started, you will need an Ethernet Kit, which contains the following:

  • Micro-USB to Ethernet Hub with power cord
  • USB male-to-Micro-USB female

NOTE: If you already have an Ethernet Kit, simply follow the directions below. Otherwise, contact our Support Team to request an Ethernet Kit.

Connect your Glooko Kiosk over Ethernet

To connect your Glooko Kiosk:

  1. Find an appropriate location for Glooko Kiosk that is near the following: 

    • An ethernet jack with an active connection to the Internet, and 

    • A computer or power outlet with USB charging port

  2. Power up and connect the Ethernet Hub.

    • Connect the power cord to the Ethernet hub charging port.

    • Connect the other end to a power source (either a computer's USB port or a USB charging outlet).

    • Plug the Ethernet cable (not included) into the Ethernet port on the hub and into an Internet source (wall jack, router, etc.).

  3. Connect Glooko Kiosk to Ethernet.

    • Disable Wi-Fi on the LG tablet.

    • Plug the Micro USB side of the Ethernet hub into the tablet's Micro-USB port.

    • Wait a minute or two to allow Ethernet time to establish a connection.

    • Tap the Glooko Support icon to confirm access to the Internet.

  4. Use Glooko Kiosk!

    • Plug the USB Male into the Micro-USB Female cable.

      • The USB Male end will plug into a USB port on the Ethernet hub.

    • The other end will receive the Micro end of the MeterSync™ cables.

To learn more about Glooko Kiosk, reference the Glooko® Kiosk for Android - User Guide.

*Please note: Glooko Kiosk is currently only available in the U.S.

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