Can I use the Glooko® Kiosk tablet with Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi?


We understand that Wi-Fi isn't always reliable. That's why when using Glooko Kiosk on an Android G Pad, you can use a direct ethernet connection in place of Wi-Fi. If you already have an Ethernet Kit, simply follow the directions below or print out the PDF attached.

If you need an Ethernet Kit, let us know by opening a ticket with our Support Team.

Instructions for Use - Ethernet Kit

Kit Contents:

  • Micro- USB to Ethernet Hub w/ power cord

  • USB male to Micro-USB female

How to connect Glooko Kiosk over Ethernet

  1. Find an appropriate location for Glooko Kiosk that is near the following: 

    • an ethernet jack with active connection to Internet, and 

    • a computer or power outlet with USB charging port.

  2. Power up and Connect Ethernet Hub

    • Connect power cord into Ethernet Hub charging port

    • Connect the other end to a power source, either computer's USB port or a USB charging outlet

    • Plug in Ethernet cable (not included) to Ethernet port on hub and into Internet source (wall jack, router, etc.)

  3. Connect Glooko Kiosk to Ethernet

    • Disable Wifi on LG tablet

    • Plug in Micro USB side of Ethernet hub to tablet's Micro-USB port

    • Wait a minute or two to allow Ethernet time to establish a connection

    • Tap Glooko Support icon to confirm access to the Internet

  4. Use Glooko Kiosk!

    • Plug in the USB Male to Micro-USB Female cable

      • The USB Male end will plug into a USB port on the Ethernet Hub

    • The other end will receive the Micro end of the MeterSync™ Cables 


*Please note: Kiosk is currently only available in the U.S.

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