My iOS App crashed during upgrade. What do I do?

Oh no!  A crash on iOS Glooko App upgrade is usually indicative of a user profile cookie issue.

To resolve:

Uninstall the Glooko iOS App

  • From the iOS device locate the Glooko app icon
  • Tap and hold on the Glooko app icon, keep holding until all the icons start wiggling
  • Tap the small (X) icon that appears in the upper left corner of the Glooko app icon
  • When the Delete Glooko – Deleting Glooko will also delete all of it’s data message box appears, confirm the removal of Glooko by choosing Delete
  • Press the Home button to stop the wiggling

Restore the Glooko iOS App

  • Open the App Store  and use the Search box to find the Glooko app.
  • Tap the cloud download icon to start the app restore process
If this doesn't resolve your issue, please contact Glooko Support.
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